Business Intelligence Crystal Reports Developer

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Experienced Crystal Reports and Business Intelligence solutions provider with proven results enhancing business operations and managing business critical applications: 

  • Able to deliver effective business intelligence solutions on schedule and on budget
  • Experienced at continuous improvement of business, development and IT processes
  • Strong analytical, organized and detail-oriented problem solving skills
  • Proven ability to work independently and in a team of partners, customers, and managers


Crystal Reports Developer, Nonprofits Insurance Alliance Group, Santa Cruz, CA, 2016-2018

Maintained library of Crystal 8.5, XI and 2011 reports in SQL environment, including property and casualty, auto and general liability quotes, declarations and forms, claims reports, member activity reports and other customer facing and internal underwriting and operations reporting.

Ticker Guide, The Motley Fool, Sandy Springs, GA, 2014-Current

Freelance contributor to The Motley Fool Community discussion boards, covering select companies by collecting and presenting information to inform smart investment decisions and encouraging conversation among Community Fools.

Owner, Computer Connection, Sandy Springs, GA, 1986-Current

Side business selling computer supplies, services, video production and preservation, website and email hosting, etc.

Crystal Reports Developer, Tyler Technologies, Duluth, GA, 2013-2016

Custom development of client internal and customer-facing reporting solutions for the EnerGov planning and permitting system for city and county governments.  Designed and developed standard reports in SQL and helped streamline report development process and best practices. Curated peer user support on Tyler Community, including technical blog posts, developed and delivered client training and user documentation for a Reporting Toolkit to support clients designing their own reports.

BI Reporting Developer (Contract), Monarch Business Resiliency, Atlanta, GA, 2011-2013

Provided expertise to Internal Revenue Service project team’s efforts to design and build a Business Intelligence Reporting platform for a centralized cyber security business resiliency, continuity and disaster recovery enterprise application. Produced technical and user documentation in service of the project.

Crystal Reports Instructor (Contract), SkillForge, Atlanta, GA, 2012

Delivered basic and advanced instructor-led online training for Crystal Reports XI and Crystal Reports 2008.

Crystal Reports Developer (Contract), Cattle Xperts, Atlanta, GA, 2011

Assisted the client in diagnosing and fixing issues with cattle management Crystal Reports Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions used to track cattle feedings, health and weight development.

SAP Reportapalooza Expert (Contract), Page One PR, Atlanta, GA, 2010

Promoted SAP Crystal Solutions as one of five Reporting Experts competing in Reportapalooza, a national marketing campaign involving challenges for the creation of dashboards, tutorial videos, blog posts and use of social and professional networking.

Crystal Reports Developer (Contract), PayDay USA, Atlanta, GA, 2010

Assisted Customer Service Representatives by delivering custom Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions for clients including payroll registers, checks, earnings statements, benefits and retirement savings exports, tax and WOTC analysis for Millennium 3 payroll management system on MS-SQL 2008 and Oracle databases.

Crystal Reports Developer (Contract), Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, Atlanta, GA, 2010

Provided reporting continuity by creating suite of interbank loan analysis Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions in a new SQL database environment based on the source code and output of old Sybase based reports.

Crystal Reports Developer (Contract), GEBCorp, Atlanta, GA, 2009-2010

Addressed operational reporting deficiencies by modifying and creating Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions for defined contribution 401a and 457b retirement savings and defined benefit pension systems, including confirmation letters, benefits calculation forms, distribution process tracking and quarterly statements.

ScheduALL Implementation Manager (Freelance), FamilyNet, Atlanta, GA, 2008-2009

Supported the production operations of a national cable network through the redesign and implementation of the ScheduALL application, including resource and user management and integration with corporate accounting and payroll requirements.

Crystal Reports Consultant (Freelance), Bio-Key International, Marlborough, MA, 2008 – 2009

Fulfilling key customer commitments by customizing traffic accident Crystal Reports business intelligence solution in accordance with strict government design requirements.

Crystal Reports Developer (Contract), Curriculum Advantage, Atlanta, GA, 2008

Created student performance analysis tools through the design and development of a suite of Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions for the new web-based Classworks educational software package.

Crystal Reports Developer (Contract), iKobo Money Transfer, Inc., Atlanta, GA, 2008

Replaced Excel-based reporting process for customer retention and marketing performance analysis by developing reporting solutions by performing business analysis and documenting report requirements, including process, user interface and database design enhancements.

Reporting Consultant (Contract), Southern Staircase, Atlanta, GA, 2008

Facilitated ongoing Crystal Reports development by resolving SQL Server 2005 stored procedure issues.

ScheduALL Reports Developer (Contract), PostWorks, New York, NY, 2008

Supported accounting requirements by customizing Work Order and Invoicing Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions in a SQL based ScheduALL environment.

Senior Reporting Engineer, Avaya, Inc., Norcross, GA, 2005 –2007

Designed, developed and implemented Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions for internal operations and customer facing requirements in Remedy 7 Action Request System and Oracle environments.  Facilitated budget management and resource allocation through Crystal Reports Server XI R2 and improved the efficiency of customer-facing reporting solutions by streamlining data sources and implementing requested design enhancements. Led an international team for the requirements analysis, database design, process management, report design and development, systems verification and implementation for a reporting solution that delivered on contractual reporting obligations for VoIP performance.  Closed service delivery gaps and improved information analysis with solutions for issue tracking, incident resolution, service analysis and release management.

Crystal Reports Instructor (Contract), Cognizant Technology Solutions, 2005

Developed and delivered interactive Virtual Classroom training program providing advanced Crystal Reports instruction over the internet for IT consultants located worldwide.

Crystal Reports Server Analyst (Contract), ITC Financial Services, Suwanee, GA, 2004 –2005

Developed business intelligence solutions in Crystal Reports Enterprise and SQL 2000 environment for stored value debit card system, summarizing financial transaction activity for analysis and reconciliation, performing fee revenue trend analysis, fraud and Interactive Voice Response (IVR) analysis, and corrupt transaction analysis.

Advanced Business Systems Analyst, Turner Broadcasting System, Inc, Atlanta, GA, 1992 – 2003

Managed the Turner Studios ScheduALL system with over 100 rooms, 100 services, 300 clients, 1000 personnel and resources:

  • Designed, developed and delivered Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions utilizing linked tables, formulas, record selection criteria, dynamic elements, sub-reports, SQL views, stored procedures, and parameters.
  • Supported financial operations through the development of Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions for month-end, receivables and general ledger analysis, paperless invoicing, dynamic dunning letters, and transaction auditing.
  • Improved client services through the development of Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions to facilitate production operations through work order forms, resource assignments, project costing and tape stock slippage analysis.
  • Simplified personnel management through the development of Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions for the scheduling of production talent through the analysis of resource and client activity and personnel utilization.
  • Contributed to the growth of production services and products through the development of Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions to justify facility and personnel expansion and to analyze client activity for trends and aberrations.
  • Developed, implemented and validated Y2K assurance for all ScheduALL application components.
  • Facilitated business growth through the integration of new ScheduALL modules, application features and customized Crystal Reports into existing production operations through needs and application analysis.
  • Maintained facility availability and operability while transitioning rooms, resources and services in coordination with operations and engineering teams to ensure alignment during migration to new digital studio.
  • Enhanced user productivity by designing and delivering individual and shared ScheduALL learning opportunities through training materials, hands-on classroom sessions and one-on-one tutorials.
  • Simplified payroll processing by developing Excel-based Time Sheet application for production personnel that automatically applied rules for regular, overtime, shift differential, freelance, and straight time employment.



  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Washington University in St. Louis, St. Louis, MO


  • Host, Crystal Reports and Crystal Reports Professionals of Atlanta groups on LinkedIn
    Co-Moderator Crystal Reports Users Group and Crystal Users groups on Yahoo Groups
    Social Media Director, Morty’s TV Web Site


  • A2 Hosting Web Site Hosting
  • Business Objects Enterprise 3.1
  • Crystal Reports v6 – 2016
  • Crystal Reports Dashboards 2008
  • Crystal Reports Server 10/XI/2008
  • Energov 9.x/2016.x
  • Microsoft Office 20xx
  • Microsoft IIS 6/7/FrontPage 2003
  • Microsoft SQL Server 20xx
  • Microsoft Project 2003
  • Microsoft TFS/VSS
  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2012/SCE
  • Novell NetWare 3/4/5/6
  • Postgres SQL
  • Pinnacle Studio v6-21
  • Remedy Action Request System 7
  • ScheduALL 4.x
  • Windows 9X/NT/2K/XP/Vista/7/8/10
  • Windows Server NT/2K/20xx


The following represents examples of the thousands of Crystal Reports business intelligence solutions delivered:

  • Financial Services – Crystal Reports solutions to produce paperless invoices in the Adobe Acrobat document image format, accounts analysis, receivables aging, and a Dunning Letter that uses increasingly insistent phrasing if account aging is 30, 60 or 90 days past due.
  • Roll-Forward Reconciliation – Crystal Reports Server solutions that break daily debit card transaction activity into API, Settlement and Fee categories for banking reconciliation and journal entry.
  • Dashboard/Key Performance Indicators – Crystal Reports Server solutions that tie together financial and operations information from across the business for trend analysis and product planning.
  • Fraud Analysis – Crystal Reports Server solutions that analyze debit card and IVR usage patterns to identify high-risk activity to be flagged for further investigation.
  • Customer Care Analysis – Crystal Reports Server solutions that track automated customer service activities to evaluate system usability and customer care effectiveness.
  • Commissions – Crystal Reports Server solutions to calculate commissions owed to Point-of-Sale partners based on debit card sales and customer usage in accordance with rate plans and retail partner agreements.
  • Operations Analysis – Crystal Reports Server solutions that track customer utilization of debit card features, rate plan changes, account maintenance and contract compliance.
  • Work Flow Tracking – Crystal Reports solutions designed to serve as primary work documents for the origination, execution, and reconciliation of production services.
  • Month-End Analysis – Crystal Reports solutions for the analysis of billing and receivables transaction history and revenue distribution by ledger account as part of the monthly financial cycle.
  • Resource Scheduling – Crystal Reports solutions that present scheduled facility, personnel and resource activity in calendar format for production sessions in daily, weekly and monthly formats.
  • Personnel Management – Crystal Reports solutions that facilitate the management of production personnel shifts, session activity and utilization, and scheduled time off.
  • Project Management – Crystal Reports solutions that track and manage costs, resource allocation and activities for complex budget multi-disciplined production projects.
  • Fault Management – Crystal Reports solutions that perform metric analysis and charting of managed elements, service incidents and alarm activity for business operations and forecasting.
  • Performance Management – Crystal Reports Server solutions that perform metric analysis and charting of VoIP performance in global convergent networks.
  • Issue and Incident Management – Crystal Reports solutions that documented issue tracking, incident resolution, service quality analysis and version release management.
  • Form Design – Crystal Reports solutions that print to exacting form design requirements.
  • Customer Retention – Crystal Reports solutions that track returning customer activity across time using crosstabs.
  • Marketing Analysis– Crystal Reports solutions used to analyze metrics for coupon emails, banner ads and Pay-Per-Click promotions.
  • Customer Facing – Crystal Reports solutions that communicate analysis of business data and services provided directly to the customer.
  • Performance Analysis – Crystal Reports solutions that provide students, teachers and administrators with performance results from instructional and assessment educational activities.
  • Retirement Savings Servicing – Crystal Reports solutions for producing define benefits calculations, participant confirmation letters, quarterly statements and distribution process tracking.
  • Interbank Loan Analysis – Crystal Reports solutions that provide daily and monthly analysis of interbank loan advances and repayments.
  • Payroll Management – Crystal Reports solutions that support the management of single and multi-company payrolls including printed checks and direct deposit advices, earnings statements, payroll registers, benefits payment and retirement savings contribution exports, tax and WOTC status reporting.
  • Metric Analysis – Crystal Reports solutions that quantify the success of promotional email packages by tracking the number of subscriptions, emails sent and received, bounced, clicks, conversions, subscribes and unsubscribes.
  • Animal Management – Crystal Reports solutions to track feed ration formulas, health records, weight targets and progressions and Lot/Pen identification of raised bovine resources.
  • Government Operations Management – Crystal Reports solutions for managing city and county government operations, including Cashiering, Business and Professional Licensing, Project, Planning and Permitting, Inspections, Code Management and Violations both internal and customer-facing, and Key Performance Index reports.
  • Insurance – Member quotes, policy declarations and forms, claims reports, activity reports, internal underwriting and management reports.