David Deitch has been a SAP Crystal Reports Developer for 25 years, delivering thousands of Business Intelligence reporting solutions to a wide variety of clients and employers, from accounting to certificates, from education to financial, from Key Performance metrics to letters & forms, from remittance advice to resource utilization, from statements to year-end reviews, from insurance to jury management.

Leveraging his diverse background in Information Technology, David is uniquely qualified to come into any situation and quickly be productive.

David’s philosophy is that every database has a story to tell, and my job is to be the storyteller.  Most times, the story has a happy ending, but sometimes it doesn’t.  Either way, it is critical that management has access to accurate and complete business data from their information systems to be able to make quality business decisions.

Most managers know what information they need to run the company but do not know what data is contained within their databases.  And most IT departments know what data they are collecting but don’t know how managers can best utilize the information.  David’s experience enables him to easily bridge the gap, working with managers to understand their business needs, and with IT teams to efficiently access the data.

Whether you are looking for direct hire, contract or freelance service, or if you just want to ask a question, Crystal Connections Atlanta is ready to be of service.  If you are interested in David’s services, please leave a comment with your name, contact information and a detailed description of your opportunity.

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